Leszek JURDZIAK, PhD, DSc - Head of Industrial and GeoEconomics Division at the Institute of Mining Engineering at Wroclaw University of Technology (WTU) and the associate professor in the Faculty of Geoengineering, Mining and Geology at WUT. He is also a lecturer in "Polish-American School of Business" at the Wroclaw and Cracow Univ. of Technology. He is a graduate of applied mathematics at the Faculty of Fundamental Problems of Science -1982 (application of stochastic methods in mining) and Mining Faculty -1988 (underground mining excavation) in WUT. He is a coordinator of MSc studies Mining and Power Engineering taught in English at WUT.            

He finished postgraduate studies and trainings: Pedagogic of Higher Schools 1989, The School of Business 1992, Program For Entrepreneurship Education in Central Europe 1992, modeling 3D surfaces in program MOSS 1992, 3D geology modeling and mine design in program Datamine 1993, International Trade 1996, Valuation of Mineral Projects and Investments 2000, Orebody Uncertainty, Risk Assessment and Profitability in: Recoverable Reserves, Ore Selection and Mine Planning 2000, Finance and quality optimisation methods in opencast lignite mines using NPVScheduler 2003, Qualitative Risk Management 2007, Migration of lignite deposits modeling and mine design to Datamine Studio 3 environment and Conditional simulation and risk analysis of investments in lignite mining in Datamine Studio 3 and NPVScheduler 4 2007, International Upstream Petroleum Industry: Trends, Fiscal Systems and Technology 2008, Assesment of investment projects using program Invest for Excel” 2009. He finished industrial trainings in the "Turów" lignite surface mine 1987, the "Rydultowy" hard coal underground mine 1988 and the Institute of Business Studies at Central Connecticut State University 1993.

He specializes in application of mathematics and computer methods in mining engineering:

- computer systems for maintenance management and inventory control,

- reliability of transport systems and their components (esp. belt conveying systems),

- economic analysis of their operation,

- non destructive evaluation of conveyor belts condition,

- stochastic methods in mining and simulation models,

- investment decision making and economic evaluation,

- risk analysis,

- application of integrated geology and mining packages,

- optimization in mine designs and production scheduling and

- modeling of cooperation of mines and power plants on liberalized energy markets.

He is an author of one monograph “Economic analysis of a lignite surface mine and a power plant operations with application of the bilateral monopoly model, pit optimization technique and game theory” (in Polish, 2007) and over 167 papers incl. 30 at international conferences: Application of Computers in Mineral Industry APCOM (West Berlin, 1990), Mine planning and Equipment Selection MPES (Calgary 1995; Athens 2000; Wrocław 2004; Torino 2006) and Internationl Symposium Continuous Surface Mining ISCSM (Wrocław 1998; Aachen 2006, Miskolc 2012), The First International Conference on Information Technologies in The Minerals Industry via The Internet (1998), Brown Coal and Power Engineering (Most 2006), Smi’s Energy Risk Management in London (2007), Prague Conference On Political Economy (2008, 2009), International Mining Forum (Szczyrk 2008, 2009),  Int. Conference of International Association for Energy Economics (Istanbul 2008, Vienna 2009, Vilnius 2010, Düsseldorf 2013), World Mining Congress (Kraków 2008, Istanbul 2011, Montreal 2013), BulkEurope (Praha 2008), International Conference COAL (Belgrade 2008), Energy Risk Central & Eastern European Summit IV (Prague 2009), Summer RISK Congress in Munich (2009), Computational Methods for the Earth Energy and Environmental Sciences, Stanford University (2009), New Build Europe (Munich 2009, Düsseldorf 2010; Amsterdam 2012, 2013).

In Poland he published in such journals as: Biuletyn URE, CADCAM Forum, Cuprum, Gospodarka Surowcami Mineralnymi (Mineral Resources Management), Energetyka (Power Industry), Gigawat Energia, Górnictwo i Geologia (Mining and Geology), Górnictwo Odkrywkowe (Opencast Mining), Górnictwo i Geoinżynieria (Mining and Geoengineering), Kruszywa (Aggregates), Przeglad Górniczy (Mining Review), Transport Przemyslowy (Industrial Transport), Wiadomosci Górnicze (Mining News).

See his publications on: http://www.cire.pl/autor,2,31,0.html; http://ideas.repec.org/e/pju39.html, http://econpapers.repec.org/RAS/pju39.htm; http://pl.linkedin.com/pub/leszek-jurdziak/7/337/568, https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Leszek_Jurdziak/

He visited with lectures: NTUA in Athens (2008), TU Crete (2010), Dumlupinar University in Turkey (2011), TU Delft (2013) as well as Legon University, KNUST Univ. and TARKWA Univ. in Ghana (2010).

Member of: European Economic Association (EEA), International Association for Energy Economics (IAEE), International Atlantic Econnomic Society, International Association for Mathematical Geosciences (IAMG), Polish Association of Mineral Recourses Evaluators POLVAL Polish Association for Risk Management POLRISK.


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